Product Care

In order to enjoy the comforts of your chair for a longer time, it is requested to go through the suggestions made here in below: –


Always ensure that all the components are rightly inserted at the right place and other parts fitted properly.
While assembling a Chair, ensure that the Chair is assembled strictly as per the instructions in the manual provide by the company.
The Chair must be firmly based on a leveled ground.
Always make sure that the tensions control of the mechanism is properly adjusted according to the weight of the person sitting in it thus, allowing the chair to move in a controlled and smooth position.
Inspect and maintain your chair at least twice in a year. In case you detect any technical snag and / or any component / accessory loosened get it rectified immediately by the company technician. Please note that chair rectified / serviced by any outside person may loose the warranty.
Never put hot objects or live electrical appliances on upholstered chairs. The upholstery may catch fire and even harm you and your property.